Make Real Estate Transactions Transparent & Efficient

Revested is a Real Estate tokenization platform that unlocks value for investors and developers. Changing a traditionally complex and time consuming process to be more liquid, transparent and efficient.


Securing The Process

Revested, pioneers Real Estate Tokenization. Revested simplifies compliance, enhances security, and offers domain expertise. A Real Estate tokenization platform that unlocks emerging value for investors and developers.

Why Revested?

In Real Estate, unlocking assets and liquidity is a challenge. Existing solutions lack simplicity, security, compliance, and domain knowledge. This results in pain points and missed opportunities. Emerging trends exacerbate these issues. Revested offers a comprehensive solution, addressing root causes.



1 in 3 property transaction fall through.


0ver 60+ days on average time to exchange contracts.


High costs to intermediaries of up to 5 – 6%

No Transparency

Zero data infrastructure from the start of the transaction to the finish

Our Solution

  • Innovative real estate tokenization platform enhances liquidity, transparency, and efficiency
  • Allow fractional ownership, programmatic trading, and global accessibility
  • Offering bespoke portfolios and aim to evolve with industry trands
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Kenneth Kelly
Kenneth Kelly

Founder & CEO

Brings a decade of Real Estate/Proptech experience. Expertise from diverse backgrounds shapes our strategic direction.

With over 10 years of experience in the Real Estate industry, Founded multiple businesses. Kenneth successfully brought Proptech from the United States to the UK and Ireland. Background also includes working in commercial Real Estate, where he gained valuable insights and was surprised by the level of market data and analysis available. Now, at Revested, strives to revolutionise the industry with cutting- edge data-driven solutions.

Stephen Byrne
Stephen Byrne

VP of Product

Driving Innovation at the Intersection of Media and Blockchain. Background in engineering in Blockchain Creative Labs with Fox.

Stephen backgorund is ex Co-head of Engineering at Fox’s emerging tech division via Blockchain Creative Labs. With a background in team leadership, software development, and blockchain expertise, he’s led a team that crafted web3 experiences for major shows like “The Masked Singer” and “Krapopolis.” As the first hire, he played a key role in scaling the team and designing core systems, including Eth2.0 staking products, algorithmic trading systems, and NFT solutions. Stephen’s skills span Smart Contracts, Next.js, React.js, Python, TypeScript, and Ethereum, making him an invaluable advisor for companies venturing into the emerging tech and web3 space.

Clive Zeng
Clive Zeng


Results driven data analyst with 5 years experience in implementing real-time data monitoring systems reducing operational levels by 50% and improved efficiency by 30%

Kenneth K Thomas
Kenneth K Thomas


From traditional banking to fintech , Ken left big corporations to work with founders looking to make a big impact and change their industries.

Ken is a commercial operator turned B2B SaaS investor. Back in NYC, he worked in banking and entered the world of startups when he moved to London during the pandemic.

He entered the investment space early this year and while he invests in B2B SaaS businesses, Ken spends time helping startups of all kinds.

Matthias De Cnuydt-Hope
Matthias De Cnuydt-Hope


Founded a real estate investment company that focuses on advanced data science techniques paired with traditional value investing philosophy.

Aaron Whelan
Aaron Whelan


Working as Creative Director and head of design for many successful companies in tech, finance and the education sector in recent years.

Answering to Investor interested

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How the investment and funding will be used to develop revested?

Success is becoming a market leader with profitability in 24-36 months. Potential exit strategies include acquisition, IPO, or continued organic growth. These milestones validate our success and long-term viability.

What does fractional investment mean?

Fractional investment is when people team up to buy a share of something together. Each person pays a part of the cost and, in return, they get to enjoy things like using it, sharing the income it generates, getting priority access, and paying lower rates. It’s kind of like timeshare ownership in terms of the benefits you get.

Why tokenize real estate?

Revested allows crypto investors to buy tokenized real estate without converting their cryptocurrency into traditional money. They use digital assets to divide ownership of properties into smaller parts and assign them a cryptocurrency value. By tokenizing, Bricktrade turns property assets into tokens on a private blockchain, representing ownership shares. This makes them easy to trade among platform users without extra fees from custodians, lawyers, or middlemen. One advantage is that Revested cuts transaction costs by removing third-party intermediaries and overhead expenses associated with property transactions.


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